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Buy Credits

If the very effective free account has helped you to find and buy the things that you want, but you want to run additional searches or use more search features, then you can buy credits using Paypal in US Dollars, British Pounds or the Euro.

$1, €1 or £1 of credit can last years…

£1 (1 GBP) of credit purchases 100,000 search credits.

With 100,000 search credits you can, if you set your searches up carefully, check for matching items more than 2,000,000 times (at one minute intervals) - i.e. a carefully created search for rare, moderately expensive items can last for almost 4 years! (See our costed search examples.) On the other hand, a poorly designed search can use up those credits in less than 1 minute!

Click here for more information on search credits and here for information on how to set up your searches.

The transaction will be in US Dollars, British Pounds or the Euro. Note that Paypal will charge a conversion fee if your Paypal account is in a different currency to the currency that you pay Buy Now Search in.

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