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Version 1 - 6th March 2013

The only personal information we hold about you is your name and email address. We also store a default eBay site that you select, a default shipping destination, some postcodes that you may optionally enter for localised searches and your search criteria.

We will not share your details, or any of the data that you have entered into the Buy Now Search system or via the Paypal payment system with any third party.

We may use the information that you have entered into the Buy Now Search system to determine advertisements that we may display to you or send to you in your search result emails.

We do not store your password. We keep a uniquely salted hash of your password in our system.

We will only communicate with you via the email address that you have given us (which may be the one given through initial registration or by your updating of your email address). Other than emailing you search results we will only email you when there is important information that we believe you should know about your Buy Now Search account (including updates to the privacy policy and Buy Now Search terms and conditions).

We do not hold access to your payment credentials, as this is processed by Paypal. However, we do have access to some of your Paypal account information after you have purchased credits from Buy Now Search - but we do not store this in our systems.

You may contact Buy Now Search about our privacy practices via our contact form or via post to:

Customer Services,
Buy Now Search,
2 Barberry Drive,
TA20 1HR