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Terms and Conditions

Version 6 - October 15th 2013.

By registering with Buy Now Search, you accept the following Terms and Conditions (see our Frequently Asked Questions for related information):

  1. You must be over 18 years old to register with Buy Now Search.
  2. The Buy Now Search system may not be available all of the time - we may suffer outages.
  3. The Buy Now Search system relies on systems outside of our control, including the availability of the Internet and that delivery of search results and other notifications from Buy Now Search rely on third party Internet Connected systems such as your Internet Service Provider's email service.
  4. The Buy Now Search system is dependent upon eBay's API provision.
  5. The Buy Now Search system does not search all eBay categories. See Disabled Categories.
  6. Occasionally eBay might expire categories that you are searching within and, whilst we will attempt to notify you of this, you (the user) will be responsible for managing your searches in this situation.
  7. The Buy Now Search system searches do not work in the same way as eBay searches and will bring back different results.
  8. The Buy Now Search system is dependent upon the Paypal payment system for purchases of search credits and that Buy Now Search do not take responsibility for problems that you might experience using Paypal.
  9. The Buy Now Search system may miss items that your searches should notify you of.
  10. Buy Now Search is not responsible for the content and nature of the items (title, photo and link to eBay listing) that you are notified of as a result of your saved searches, which may include inappropriate or offensive text and images.
  11. Buy Now Search is not responsible for the content on eBay systems that your Buy Now Search notifications link to.
  12. Buy Now Search is not responsible for any purchases that you may make of items that we notify you of.
  13. All communications with Buy Now Search will be in British English.
  14. It is possible to set up searches that may not return any items.
  15. It is possible to waste your search credits by various means, including duplicating searches, creating searches that return a subset of other searches, storing an email address that we cannot deliver email to, using an email system that rejects our email notifications as spam.
  16. Buy Now Search may, at our own discretion, delete your account without notification and refund your outstanding credits via the same card(s) or Paypal account(s) that you used to make the payment(s).
  17. Buy Now Search may, at our own discretion disable your free account search. This would usually be because Buy Now Search deem the search to be a waste of Buy Now Search resources that will not give useful search results to you, the user.
  18. Account recovery is via your registered email address. It is your responsibility to restrict access to your email account.
  19. It is your responsibility to ensure the security of the device, network and internet connection that you access the Buy Now Search site from, in order that your account is not accessed by a third party.
  20. You must not attempt to hack or game Buy Now Search systems.
  21. Buy Now Search may update the Terms and Conditions at any time, without notice.
  22. Each time you login you are accepting the current Terms and Conditions.
  23. You have the right to unregister from the site.

Other Information

  1. Buy Now Search does not use cookies for any other purposes than to ensure the functionality of the site. Buy Now Search does not use cookies for site usage tracking or marketing purposes.

Ebay Marketing Disclosure

Buy Now Search gains income from purchases that you make on Ebay after clicking on a search result link in your alert emails from Buy Now Search. Buy Now Search is a partner in the 'Ebay Partner Network', the Ebay marketing affiliate scheme.

We do not send you adverts or marketing links. We only send you search results based on your search criteria.